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This site was created to be a source of information about myself and to present a few of my musical creations.

My general background, as well as a musical presentation inspired by the feelings that I have for my radio audience.

Sometimes considered crazy,  and at times knowing I am, but always hearing the music,  a rhapsody, a song of you.

Songs of Love, Visions of Harmony, The World Sharing   Joy, Together in The Garden, Under The Moon and Stars.

A passing thought, a drop of mist in a sea of time. Our mind can bring the moment to a wave of understanding.

Time ?   You Have . . .  All The Time In The World.

It Is Our Mission
To Fill The Air With Music
To Fill The World With Love

This Web Site Was First Posted On October 1st, 2004
The Last Update Was On December 31st, 2010

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